Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr. Girish J. Dani
Monday to Friday: 10.00AM to 12.30PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 6PM to 8PM

Dr. Saurabh Dani
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday: 6.30PM to 9.00PM
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: 10.30AM to 1.00PM


Dr. G. S. Hathi
Monday to Saturday (Except Thursday): 10.30AM to 12.00PM

Dr. Rajesh Kasla
Monday to Saturday (Except Wednesday): 6.00PM to 10.00PM


Dr. Ekta Desai
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: 6.00PM to 8.00PM

Homeopathic Consultant

Dr. Kruti Trivedi
Friday/Saturday: Evening by prior Appointment

Dr. Tejal Shah
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: 11.00AM to 12.30PM

Dr. Khyati Shah
Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday: 7.00PM to 8.30PM

Ayurvedic Consultant

Vaid. Mughda Bhate
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6.00PM to 8.00PM

ANKUR ADVANTAGE CARD is first of a kind loyalty program initiated in this part of Mumbai.

Eligibility Criteria:
You should have delivered at Ankur Hospital

10% Discount on hospitalisation charges for Friends & Family
10% Discount on Blood Tests at Partner Laboratory
Without appointment charges waived off
Get informed about various events & offers


ANKUR HOSPITAL was established in May 1975.

In 2019 ANKUR HOSPITAL completes 44years
On the occasion of its birthday we celebrate with upto 44% discount

Events: (for the month of March 2021)

Celebrating International Women's Day

Free Screening for Breast and Cervical Cancer (8 - 10 March 2021)

Events: (for the month of May 2021)

On 4-May-2021 ANKUR HOSPITAL completes 46 years in service to women

On this occasion let's celebrate Wellness.

The following offers are available for Limited period:
1. RT-PCR for ₹650 on 4-May-2021 10am to 1pm
2. 25% Discount for First Gynec Consultation 1-May-2021 to 31-May-2021

Ankur has a very Transparent Billing Policy. We DO NOT provide packages but do provide some estimates for procedures commonly performed at "ANKUR". Detailed charges are always displayed at the Reception.

Acceptable modes of Payment:
- Cash
- Bankers Cheque
- Credit Card [VISA / MasterCard]
- Cashless Health Insurance**


Economy Single First Class Delux Room
Minor 10000 12500 15500 17000
Intermediate 34000 43000 49000 54000
Major 59000 74000 87000 95000
Major Plus 66000 85000 97000 105000
Supra Major 74000 95000 110000 123000
Normal Delivery 40000 - 47000 60000 - 67000 68000 - 76000 73000 - 82000
C. Section 65000 - 68000 82000 - 91000 95000 - 99000 104000 - 108000

# estimate does not include the cost of drugs, medicines & consumables
# for details refer to the actual charge sheet on the Hospital Notice Board
# approx cost in Rupees for Procedure, Stay & Meals valid from 1-April-2017

**Cashless Facilities may depend upon your Health Insurance & Service Provider (TPA)

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There are a lot of things that change so it's best to call and ask the reception or visit us once personally.

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